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- Fall 2008 -

Canada's Hockey Anthem Challenge

It's Hockey Night! was my entry to this competition, which ran back in the summer of '08.

The challenge was sponsored by the CBC - Canada's national broadcaster - to find new signature music for their long-running and top-rated TV show "Hockey Night in Canada" (that's ice hockey of course ... ).

You can listen to It's Hockey Night! from the playlist.

- Summer 2008 -

Spiritus Vitae (The Spirit of Life)

Scored for orchestra and SATB choir, I created this piece for the "Score this Movie" contest sponsored by East West Sounds. Click here to watch the movie, or listen to the soundtrack alone from the playlist.

The animated movie, by Zennor Alexander, portrays in allegorical form the circularity of life.

If you were wondering, my music didn't win the contest ... c'est la vie :-)

- Winter 2008 -

Northland IV

Northland is an ongoing project that I started in 2001. The objective is a complete set of orchestral portraits of Canada's varied landscapes.

This latest addition is my recollections of the sheer grandeur of Canada's mountainous regions, including the spectacular peaks of the Rockies and the picture-postcard beauty of the Laurentians.

Northland IV has been in the works for quite some time ... hopefully it's worth the wait!

The recording is available from the playlist.

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