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- Fall 2010 -

New scores ...

I've just published two new scores:

Both are available (full scores and parts) from my store. I've also refreshed the recording of Ding Dong, adding in the choir parts. It's available from the playlist.

New photos ...

Having suffered relentless derision from friends and family about my photos ... I got professional help from Master Photographer Thies Bogner ... and Lo! there I am, thrice afresh atop my home page!

(OK, so it's been a pretty slow time, musically speaking ... ;-)

- Spring/Summer 2010 -

That was a Piano concerto, that was ...

During spring and much of the summer I worked night and day on a Piano Concerto (... at least, when I wasn't watching games of the football World Cup, or stages of le Tour de France, that is ... ;-). Unfortunately, it was all to no avail as the half completed work disappeared into the black hole of a failed hard disk!

So what did I learn from all this? Not to trust computers or back-ups? These days that's not an option for me. I think it's just a case of sometimes bad stuff happens despite best efforts ... and the good news is that I still have my original sketches to help in reconstructing the work.

- Winter 2010 -

In Glorious Colour

What, you might ask, is one to do during winter here in the Great White North? Well you can ski (or other outdoor pursuit of your choice), hibernate (if you're a bookworm or a bear), watch the Winter Olympics ...

Or, in my case, I also wrote three new collages of film music inspired by a legion of epic movies!.

I have my own thoughts on the "screenplay" unfolding in the music, but the neat thing is that you can let your imagination roam and decide for yourself. I'll also leave you to decide if the piece really is In Glorious Colour .....

The recording is available from the playlist.

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