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- Fall 2009 -

Piano Preludes

Two new fun-filled Preludes have been just completed, makng a set of five in all!

I might just as easily have called these pieces "bagatelles" because they reflect the sheer fun I find in learning to play piano at an advanced age (and in my wonderful grand piano which I've nicknamed "The Goddess").

Anyway, both of the new pieces continue in the eclectic style that seems to have become the standard as I write these pieces - the one in E-flat major starting as "piano lounge" music but then wending its way through different roads; and the piece in F starting with a country/pop feel and then developing through variations.

- Summer 2009 -

Sonata for Orchestra Recording

I completed most of the work on this piece about ten years ago, but only recorded the first movement, thinking at the time that the 2nd and 3rd movements just weren't quite "finished".

However, perhaps I had just become too close to the piece, because on going back to it recently - with fresh ears - I discovered that these movements really didn't need much revision. And so, except for minor improvements to the orchestration, I've left them as they were to preserve the original (and sketchily remembered) intent and have now recorded all three movements.

The recording is available from the playlist.

- Spring 2009 -

Adagio for Strings to be performed in Tehran

Iranian composer and conductor Keyvan Yahya listened to my Adagio for Strings on this website and liked it so much he's now preparing to perform it with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra at an upcoming concert.

- Fall 2009 Update - Good news from Keyvan - he tells me that the Adagio was performed in Teheran at the end of April and very well received. Unfortunately, recent events in Iran have delayed getting a recording of the performance out, but Keyvan assures me that it's on its way!

- Winter 2010 Update - Nothing received so I'm closing off this topic. At least one other composer has had a similar experience and I suppose it's possible this was all just a hoax. Go figure!

- Winter 2009 -

Northland V

I've Just finished writing the fifth in the Northland series - orchestral portraits of Canada's varied landscapes - and it focuses on the maritime regions of the country.

The recording is available from the playlist.

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