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- Summer 2014 -

Variations on a Dream ...

This piece was built largely from improvisations, which you might think of as the musical equivalent of daydreaming.

After a loud wake-up chord from the brass, various sections of the orchestra trade fragments from which a theme eventually emerges. This theme is quickly dismissed in favour of episodic sections in which fragments derived from the theme are bolted together spontaneously. The only "planned" structure is the increased tempos for each section and a return to the opening format at the end.

The idea came to me as I was listening to some recently composed "art" music that one critic opined (pejoritively) sounded like it had been created through a process similar to action painting.

Not a bad idea ... I may try it again!

- Winter 2014 -

Just Wait 15 Minutes ...

The Chamber Orchestra of Colorado Springs (known locally as "Chamber Orchestra of the Springs") asked for compositions to celebrate their 30th anniversary season. This is my submission.

The inspiration for and the overall theme of the piece is constant change in the region around Colorado Springs - particularly in the weather (hence the title), in the landscapes (seemingly a new vista around every corner) and during Colorado's history over the centuries (for example, from gold rush to aerospace) - all back-stopped by the ever present peaks of the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

Approximate duration: 15:35


- Full Score (size: 4MB)

- Recording (.mp3 file - size: 20MB)

- Video (Windows Media file - size: 27MB)

Streaming video:

A collage of scenes in and around Colorado Springs, set to the music of "Just wait 15 minutes ...". The music is not directly programmatic, but the video may give additional insight into what was in my mind as I composed it.

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