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- Fall 2011 -

A Feast of Carols

Just in time for Christmas ... a veritable banquet of music in this 10-minute arrangement of traditional carols, scored for choir and orchestra.

This piece follows on from my Suite of Carols , written some years ago. My wife finds it quite amusing that I like arranging carols so much, given that my favourite phrase at this time of year is "Bah, Humbug!" (in jest, I should add ...).

The fact is that carol melodies seem to inspire me creatively, and I do appreciate the spirit of giving that abounds at this time of year. In that spirit both the recording and score are free downloads until the end of the year.

- Summer 2011 -

Northland VI

Work on Northland - a musical portrait of Canada's varied landscapes - has been ongoing since 2001. Northland VI is inspired by the prairie regions of the country and completes this project.

The recording is available from the playlist.

- Winter / Spring 2011 -

Latin Translations

Apologies to classicists, but this has nothing to do with dead Roman poets. Latin Translations is actually my spin on what's generally referred to as "latin" music (music from Cuba and Brazil for example), in an orchestral setting.

In the winter months, when the snow is flying fast and furious, a Canuck's fancy sometimes turns to warmer climes, and so it was with me. For quite a while I'd thought about writing some orchestral pieces in the latin mold. Since a tropical vacation wasn't on the cards any time soon, this seemed like the perfect time to do just that.

The recording is available from the playlist.

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